International students may apply for UNT competitive scholarships and other opportunities for which they are eligible. Competitive scholarships may allow for an in-state tuition waiver. Please review the information provided here and apply for the opportunities applicable to your personal situation.

Competitive Scholarships at UNT

A scholarship is competitive if the applicant pool includes both Texas residents and non-residents.

Non-Texas residents (this includes international students) receiving a UNT competitive scholarship of at least $1,000 for the academic year are eligible to pay in-state Texas resident tuition for the fall, spring, and summer term of the awarded year. For example: if you receive a $1,000 scholarship, $500 will be awarded in Fall and $500 will be awarded in Spring. The tuition waiver will be applied for the fall, spring and summer terms.

Most UNT scholarships are housed in The Eagle Scholarship Portal (ESP.) The ESP is generally open from October through March of each academic year. Funding is awarded for the following year in the Fall and Spring semesters. 

Learn how to apply for scholarships at UNT.

Texas Public Education Grant International

As an international student on an F-1 or J-1 visa at UNT, you may submit an application to be considered for a need-based Texas Public Education Grant-International (TPEGI). This application is housed in the iNorthTX Portal. 

  • You must have completed one full academic year (2 long semesters) at UNT prior to application. 
  • Awards are based on financial need, not academic merit. 
  • Grants are meant to supplement existing funding.
  • TPEG-I does not include a tuition waiver. 
Country & Region Specific Opportunities
Departmental Awards
Please check with your department about scholarship opportunities for your particular program of study. Not all UNT scholarships are included in the Eagle Scholarship Portal.