Must be in valid F-1 status.

Apply in time to have procedure completed before I-20 expires (at least 2 weeks ahead of expiration.)

If delay is due to academic reasons - must provide documentation. Poor performance is not acceptable.

If delay is due to medical reasons - must provide documentation.

Ineligible Situations

I-20 has expired, or will expire before procedure can be completed.

Otherwise out of status.

Delay due to poor academic progress.

Delay due to suspension.

Delay due to academic probation.

Reinstatement Situations
Any student who does not meet the eligibility requirements must either file for reinstatement, or travel outside the U.S. and re-enter with a new I-20 marked initial attendance. 
Procedure for I-20 Extension

NOTE: SEVIS will allow a maximum one year extension.

Once complete, ISSS will email the student to request a signature.